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Anita Cellucci, school librarian at Westborough High School in Westborough, Massachusetts, is featured in KQED for developing an alternative way to support struggling students at school. Cellucci and a school counselor began a six-week group specifically targeted to students who had experienced trauma and loss. Cellucci says the students look forward to the group because it's a time of quiet reflection and personal connection in a safe, trusted space. 
Taken from the most recent KQED...
Congratulations Anita!!

  • 13 Feb 2017 10:49 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NESLA Board Meeting 10/1/16

    Attendees: Mary Ellen Minichiello, Sarah Morenon, Cheryl Kissel, Carol Gordon, Carolyn Markuson, Shelley Stedman, Irene Kwidzinski, Anna Bolognani

    Meeting was called to order by Mary Ellen.

    The first order of business was information on the Hall of Fame and Margaret Hallisey Award winners. The 2016 Margaret Hallisey Award honors Gerri Fegan and Merlyn Miller. The 2016 Hall of Fame inductees are Anna Bolognani and Gerri Fegan.

    MINUTES: Minutes of the May 16, 2016 meeting were approved on a motion by Anna, seconded by Irene.

    TREASURER’S REPORT: The income total in July was $441.39 (in paypal), $658.97 expenses, leaving a balance of $15,324.60. The treasurer’s report was approved on motion by Carolyn and seconded by Shelley.

    AASL REPORT was given by AASL regional representative Shelley Stedman: AASL is working to improve communications and adjusted meeting schedules to help in addition to making other changes for the future. They are working to expand training opportunities from (DOE – speaker on Future Ready Schools).

    Memberships in future ready libraries is spotty as some states are involved and others are not. Website is available for viewing. The “Elevator” speech of AASL is available on their website. Members are encouraged to check the site and identify stakeholders in your community.

    Four commendations were approved by AASL at the Affiliate Assembly: PA Information Literacy Summit, TN YA Book Festival, and SC Education Oversight Committee Read Yourself to the Big Game.

    Concerns were also approved: NJ to address decline enrollment in School Librarianship in Universities; Region 3 suggested that AASL address the impact that local control has on equity issues; and MA Study of Equity not Equality in School Libraries Survey whose results are pending.

    A suggestion was made that NESLA continue to remind the states to raise the profile of the effort to identify concerns and commendations early in the year so that by May it is accomplished.

    It was also suggested that we check with NEASC regarding their new wording on school libraries and also to clarify who the current and important contacts are at NEASC.

    AECT REPORT. no report (refer to their website for info)

    CONNECTICUT. Notice that the Conference coming in October 25 using an Ed Camp Format, providing a playground for hands on learning, visiting experts, forum discussions, turf talks like

    TED talks, presence of the AASL President, Scholastic panel discussion, etc. Registration appears to be down. The Board is also reviewing the constitution and bylaws.
    MAINE. Unable to meet; refer to report on line. Carol Gordon noted the grant she is doing for Public Libraries in Maine becoming more involved with STEM is close to being ready. MASSACHUSETTS. Board members could not attend because of a conflict with their state retreat. Major undertaking is the study on school library equity that was funded by the DESE. That report is forthcoming. retreat for the board, state study on school library equity and funded it. Report coming.

    NEW HAMPSHIREH. No report
    RHODE ISLAND. A unique program is underway to offer free membership to School Library “newbies” and “any LMS who had not previously joined.” They also have representation on COLA – a coalition for library associations. They are looking toward improving the website by adding links to key articles of interest for administrators as well as planning to post thumbnail sketches of lesson plans. They are working to clarify certified librarians not only for RI but for other New England states. Going from a “sub” job to professional position requiring additional classes has become financially impossible so they are looking at online programs as well as other options to expand the numbers of school librarians.
    The WISE CONSORTIUM ( needs to be better publicized. A Spring Conference is planned; it was suggested that NESLA pull together existing rubrics aligned with the new standards for excellence, ok, mediocre, poor programs. But it was also noted that new standards are imminent as well as tool kits and practical applications of program activities being developed.
    Sarah also noted that she participated in National Library Legislative Day.
    Carol Gordon suggested that we need to spread the word about innovative approaches to literacy – that includes some federal support via funding. ESSA and OER COMMONS are two important sources.
    OER COMMONS website is an important site to visit as OER Practice includes a set of beliefs equity collab, sharing ...
    VERMONT REPORT. The Department of Education is now called the Agency of Education. VT is working on producing a description of school library certification competencies this spring. They are looking for innovative ways to pool resources, pull together, and to have the Public Department of Libraries and the Agency of Education work together.
    Every state gets the LSTA reports source of grants and info on what states are doing.

    MEMBERSHIP. We currently have 97 members. The application has been revised and updated on website Twitter (#Nesla), Tumblr, and Facebook available to share board members. There was a discussion on membership incentives, but no action was taken by the board.

    1. The appointment of Susan Ballard to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee chaired by the President Elect (Carol Gordon) was approved.
    2. Mary Ellen provided a review of the August meeting of herself, Carol Gordon, Irene Kwidzinski, Shannon DeSantos, and Donna Sullivan-McDonald . They met through (Skype) and pursued the development of a NESLA program at the Vermont State Conference. Topics would be on different aspects of national and state concerns, new trends, more STEM, difference between fads and new directions, etc. The IFLA 2016 Trends report is worth reading. Motion was made by Irene, seconded by Mary Ellen that approved our collaboration and identification with Vermont for the most desirable modes (seminars, forums, speeches, etc) of participation. Anna was appointed Conference Committee Chair. Virtual meeting members

    include Carol Gordon, Mary Ellen Minichiello, Irene Kwidzinski and hopefully someone from MA. It was suggested that we use our new mission statement to head the program thrust. Ideas should be sent to Cheryl to present options to the conference committee and come back to the Board with their choices at the virtual meeting in November.
    3. Carol Gordon has completed a revision of the white paper she wrote in 2002 defining the role of the school library in teaching and learning. She will send out copies by email to every board member and has asked that they respond with their approval/disapproval by early November, in time for the November 17th, 2016, Virtual Meeting.
    4. Carolyn Markuson requested that all NESLA archives and papers be better organized to simplify access to organization files and activities on a single website, that a members only area contain the membership list (with school addresses), and Carol Gordon suggested that we should be considering digitizing the files on a scheduled basis. The current archives are drastically spotty – additional effort will be made to see if Audrey Friend’s files still exist and if so can we incorporate them (as well as other more current collections) into the archives for the 100th Anniversary Celebration in 2018. A location for the collection is to be determined.

    FUTURE MEETINGS: Virtual meeting November 17, 2016 from 5 – 6 pm and February 7, 2017 ar from 5 - 6pm.

    A motion to adjourn was made by Mary Ellen, seconded by Irene and unanimously approved. Respectfully submitted,

    Carolyn Markuson
    Interim Secretary for the Day 

  • 05 Jul 2016 10:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NESLA Board Meeting 5/22/16

    5/22/16 6:00 PM


    Anita Cellucci, Mary Ellen Minichiello, Merlyn Miller, Kathy Lawrence, Chris Barlow,

    Shelley Stedman, Anna Bolognani,

    Call to Order:  Mary Ellen 6:10 PM

    Approval of February Minutes:

    Treasurer’s Report: Merlyn reported 

    -Checking account:  $15411.84 Paypal account:  $342.68 making our total $15754.52   -Members have used Paypal for membership renewals 6 times so far in 2016.  

    -Anna and I are meeting June 21 in North Adams, MA to switch the Berkshire Bank ,  NESLA  treasury accounts to her care as the newly elected treasurer.

    AASL Region I: Shelley discussed timeline for commendations for ALA Affiliate. June 6th 11:00 AM for Google Doodle for conference call.  

    AECT Report:  Charlie

    -2016 Accepted Sessions for the AECT International Convention

    -AECT’s Annual International Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada October 17 - October 21,  2016.

    -The AECT 2016 Convention schedule is in process of being finalized. In the meantime,  one may browse all the accepted sessions.

    -There are three ways to browse the sessions:

    1. Make a selection from the 'Select Group' menu above and click the 'Find!' button. Truncated titles for all accepted sessions of the selected group will be displayed in the left column as hyperlinks. When one clicks on a hyperlink, a description of the session will be displayed.

    2. Make a selection from the 'Select Group' menu as well as a selection from the 'Select Session Type' menu and click the 'Find!' button. Truncated titles for all accepted sessions of the selected group as a certain session type will be displayed in the left column as hyperlinks. When one clicks on a hyperlink, a description of the session will be displayed..

    3. To search by presenter, select a letter range of the person's last name. This action will then populate the 'Select Presenter' menu with all the names in the range selected. Clicking on any of the names from this menu will automatically populate the left column with the session(s) of that presenter. As before, after clicking on the truncated titles a description of session for that presenter will be displayed.

    4. Browse all accepted sessions by clicking here.

    5. Click the 'Reset' button to clear the form and start over.

    See you in Las Vegas!


    -2016 Summer Research Symposium, Indiana Memorial Union, Bloomington, Indiana

    July 20-21, 2016

    The symposium will be held in Bloomington, Indiana, July 20-21, 2016 following the regular AECT Summer Board & Leadership Meetings, July 18-19, 2016.It will begin the morning of July 20, 2016 and end on July 21, 2016 at the end of the day. It is the goal of the symposium to gather together a select group of scholars to share research for real dialogue and deep discussions about learning experience and learning design. Using Art of Hosting techniques for engaged conversation, we will have very intense and deep discussions of each proposed chapter. Social and recreation events will be developed to engage the participants more fully with the topic of design; non-electronic work periods will be used to examine the field from a different view point. The work of the symposium will be published by Springer, publisher of ETR&D and TechTrends.

    Tentative Schedule for the Research Symposia , July 20-21, 2016

    Tuesday 19th arrivals 

    • 4:00 PM pm Visiting lecture with Stolterman or Siegel.

    Wednesday 20th 

    • 8:30 am Continental breakfast
    • 9:00 am Welcome & Introduction: Brad Hokanson, Greg Clinton, Karen Kaminsky
    • 9:30 am Keynote, Stephen Peters
    • 10:30 – 12:30 pm *Pro-Action Café, Discussions Round 1:
    • 12:30 pm Lunch provided
    • 1:30 – 3:30 pm *Pro-Action Café, Discussions Round 2:
    • 3:00 pm Snacks available
    • 4:30 - 5:00 PM pm Visual Thinking Exercise, Brad Hokanson
    • 6:00 PM pm Dinner on your own. Convene in lobby

    Thursday 21st 

    • 8:00 am Continental breakfast
    • 8:30 – 10:30 pm *Pro-Action Café, Discussions Round 3:
    • 10:30 am Break – Walk to museum
    • 12:00 pm Lunch on own in Union or Art Museum
    • 1:30 - 2:30 pm Keynote: George Veletsianos
    • 2:30 - 4:30 pm *Pro-Action Café, Discussions Round 4:
    • 4:30 - 5:00 pm Summary and adjourn
    • 6:00 PM pm Dinner on your own. Convene in lobby

    *Pro-Action Café uses round tables fitting up to eight participants. Paper Discussions will have 3 cycles of 30 minutes, 10 min breaks.

    State Reports: Brief updates were given.




    New Hampshire 

    Rhode Island


    VSLA has been working on improving communication with membership and have formed a  Communications Committee. They now have their own Twitter hashtag #VTVSLA and a facebook page.

    President’s Report: 

    Election- Pleased to announce the 2016-2017 NESLA officers

    President - Mary Ellen Minichiello

    President-Elect - Dr. Carol Gordon

    Treasurer - Anna Bolignani

    Secretary - Julie Williams

    Awards -  Presentations at the September meeting

    Wild Apricot - Irene maintains and updates the site

    ALA Orlando, June 23-28 - Meeting times from ALA connect:

    Friday, June 24 , 12-4:00 PM

    Affiliate Assembly Leadership Conference

    Convention Center (W108)

    Friday, June 24, 7:00-9:00 pm

    Affiliate Assembly I

    Hyatt- Regency Ballroom T

    Sunday, June 26, 8:00 am- Noon

    Affiliate Assembly II (note, breakfast will be available starting at 7:30 am)

    Convention Center (W308)

    In addition meetings on ESSA: two special sessions focused on ESSA:

    Friday, 8:00-9:30 am (Convention Center W206C)

    "Unpacking ESSA for the Library Eco-System" will focus on building coalitions to pull in key stakeholders  to ensure funding reaches the school libraries in the community.  

    Friday, 10:00-11:30 am (Convention Center W206C)

    "Unpacking ESSA for School Librarians" will focus on a call to action to connect ESSA language to the school library program and the development and practicing of "elevator speeches."

    New Business:

    -Tentative plan for leadership conference in 2017

    -New Date for F2F in September TBA

    NESLA board meeting, from 10 -2 

    Sanborn Regional High School, Kingston NH

    Saturday, September 17 or 24, F2F, 10-2 p.m.


    Sept 23-24  — AASL's Gaming As Meaningful Education, Rochester NY  Premier Event!!!

    Adjourn:  6:44 pm


  • 29 Apr 2016 6:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NESLA Board Meeting 02/09/16

    5 - 6 p.m.

    Attendance: Julie Williams (MASL, secretary); Shelley Stedman (CASL President & AASL Region 1 Rep); Pam Harland (NHSLMA Past President, AASL Region 1 Director); Amy Short (MSLA Affiliate Assembly Delegate); Irene Kwidzinski, Membership Chair; Anita Cellucci, (MSLA President, Affiliate Assembly Delegate); Doug Maitland; Merlyn Miller, treasurer; Carol Gordon, president-elect; Carolyn Markuson; Mary Ellen Minichiello (NESLA President).


    Call to Order:  At 5:04 PM: 

    Consent Items

    Approval of Minutes: motion by Carol, second Irene.  All voted in favor.  

    November 17th minutes

    Treasurer’s Report: Merlyn

    $14551.84 in the checking account and $849.91 in our Paypal account.  Total funds:  $15401.75.

    AASL Region I: Pam and Shelley

    Important:  send concerns by the end of March and commendations by the end of May to Shelley Stedman.

    Report ALA midwinter meeting in Boston]

    AECT Report:  Charlie is on vacation, but look on the events page for AECT learning opportunities.

    State Reports: Only brief updates or highlight special events for this 1 hour meeting.




    New Hampshire 

    Rhode Island


    President’s Report: 

    Membership numbers (87 members,½ from Vermont), NESLA promotional materials (banner, cards), election April 1st. (Slate due March 1st) 

    Awards—deadline extended to March 15, all information on NESLA website. Motion: Shelley Stedman Second: Irene Kwidzinski  Vote: passed

    2016 Ballot: Carol, president; Julie Williams, secretary; will need a new treasurer and president-elect. Because of a death in the family, Carol will be on the ballot as president-elect and Mary Ellen will again be on the ballot as president.

    Old Business (Discussion Items)

    The discussion from November will continue. The Board needs to decide how to implement some of these ideas, as well as a timeline and delegated responsibilities.

    Dedicate May 21st meeting to discussing survey results, looking at constitution and governance, looking at our association goals

    The association goals are connecting, communicating, consulting, and collaborating.

    Connecting:  Create a 2 day summit, where state associations will be connecting with each other by sharing their expertise in AASL leadership…

    Discussion of a possible 2 day summit.

    Communicating: Communicate widely and well using a variety of popular social media tools. NESLA Twitter page has been established as well as a Tumblr page. Each communication tool is linked on the contact page of the website.

    Consulting: To develop leadership in young librarians

    Collaborating: To share our professional development highlights, such as conferences, workshops, unconferences after the event to share with other state organizations. (check NESLA events tab to see if your event is listed and to see what’s happening in the region.)

    Action Items:  For the next meeting, have all the states include something about NESLA connections or ideas. 

    Public Relations for NESLA—Will discuss more at the May 21st meeting...

    NEASC - need to make sure school libraries are represented properly. Will discuss more at May 21st meeting.

    Future meetings: May 21st: NESLA Board Meeting: 10-2 PM  Sanborn Regional High School Kingston, NH.  Note: the meeting date has been recently changed to a virtual meeting on May 22.

    Adjourn: 6:06

    Motion: Doug Maitland

    Second: Anita Cellucci


  • 29 Nov 2015 7:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NESLA Virtual  Board Meeting 11/17, 5-6 p.

    Attendance: Mary Ellen Minichiello, Irene Kwidzinski, Anita Cellucci, Julie Williams, 

    Pam Harland, Carol Gordon, Anna Bolognani, Meredith Moore, Carolyn Markuson, 

    Doug Maitland, Shelley Stedman.

    Call to Order:  5:09

    Approval of Minutes: unanimous

    Treasurer’s Report: Merlyn not in attendance

    AASL Region 1:

    1. AASL Conference: Shelley reported

    New England school librarians were well represented at the national conference. 

    Great workshops and authors. Sessions on guided inquiry--show what we are         

    doing and working with other teachers, MakerSpaces, IdeaLab.

    Parade of state organizations at opening

    AECT Report:  Charlie not in attendance

    State Reports: Update or highlight special events:







    New Hampshire

    Annual Conference: May 12-13, 2016 Concord NH

    Rhode Island


    Vermont - Annual conference:  May 23 & 24, 2016 Burlington, VT

    Old Business (Discussion Items)

    1. Strategic Plan Action Items from September NESLA Meeting: (Please refer to your notes from the September meeting.)

          Big question: Who is going to do the work for implementing the plan?

    The association goals are connecting, communicating, consulting, and 


    Connecting:  Create a 2 day summit, where state associations will be 

    connecting with each other by sharing their expertise in AASL leadership…

    2016 is probably too early, need to be planning for 2017. Come up with a date 

    for 2017. Approach MSLA and see if the 2-day summit can be tied to the 

    Massachusetts study 

    because the first part of the study should be ready by then. What is the process 


    getting people involved?  Bring this back to state organizations to see if they

    want to get involved.  What do we actually want states to do? Can state reports

    include progress toward these 4 goals? Get results from survey this spring.

    Communicating: Communicate widely and well using a variety of popular social 

    media tools.

    More conscious of bringing up NESLA and NESLA’s goals.  Friend NESLA on 

    Facebook ;0 Cross communication between different state’s Facebook pages.  

    Let Irene know if something should be added to the website.  Show that we are a

    active, respected, and valued.

    Set up NESLA Twitter page.

    Consulting: To develop leadership in young librarians

    Carol is very passionate about this. How to identify? Can someone be

    the coordinator? Organize the mentors? Find the mentees. Connecticut

    has a mentoring program. Vermont tries to connect new librarians in

    their regions. Rhode Island also has an initiative. How can NESLA help?

    Collaborating: To share our professional development highlights, such as 

    conferences, workshops, unconferences after the event to share with other 

    state organizations.

    More sharing…  Recording parts of conferences, making it available.  Is anyone 

    already recording?  Vermont does.  Place on the NESLA website to share ideas.  


    Action Items:  Go back to state boards and discuss these points, get insights, 

    and get buy in. For the next meeting, have all the states include something about

    NESLA connections or ideas. 

    2. Long Range Planning:

    • Midwinter Meeting, Boston, MA: Friday through Tuesday, January 8-12th, 2016. No social event planned
    • 100th Celebration 1918-2018

    New Business:

    • Leadership Function/Event at ALA Mid-Winter
      • NESLA is sharing a table in the exhibit hall with MSLA
      • Presidents' Dinner? Mary Ellen will communicate with the New England school library association presidents
    • Concern with potential change in standards for NEASC Reports. Waiting to see what happens in January with school libraries. A White Paper was written by Carol Gordon in 
    • Carol spoke about the Massachusetts State Legislature asking for a study of school libraries in Massachusetts to determine what they need and how they are being used to prepare students. A survey has been created and piloted. The Department of Education is working to promote the survey. The survey will probably go out in January. State organizations can share in this survey. A report will be published. There are also focus groups being established across the state.

    This is information from Susan Ballard, who would like the state associations 

    to post information on this new program:

    Granite State College - Concord, NH

    Announces Three New Master’s Degrees!

    Master of Science in School Leadership: Instruction and Leadership

    (A Capstone degree accepting 24 Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification or 

    approved graduate credits; completing with 12 leadership credits)

    Master of Science in School Leadership with Principal Certification (34 credits)

    Master of Science in School Leadership with Library Media Specialist 

    Certification (37 credits)

    MS Degrees with a focus on Educators who are:

    Instructional Leaders


    21st Century Leaders: understanding and using technology

    Data Focused

    Supportive of State Reforms

    Affordable: $500 per credit    Accessible: Online courses   

    Four Terms a Year: Classes begin in January

    To Apply:

    For more info:

    Future Meetings:   February  9th (virtual);  May 21 (F2F)

    Adjourn:  6:25 pm

  • 29 Nov 2015 7:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Executive Summary

    NESLA Board Meeting

    September 19, 2015

    10:00 - 2:00

    Keene Public Library NH 

    Attendance:  Mary Ellen Minichiello, Julie Williams, Shelley Stedman, Merlyn Miller, Carolyn Markusson, Meredith Moore, Anna Bolognani, Kathy Lawrence, Anita Bellucci, Chris Barlow, Amy short, Irene Kwidzinski, Judy Paradis, Carol Gordon.

    Call to order: 10:14

    Approval of Minutes: accepted unanimously

    Treasurer’s Report: Wild Apricot paid for the next two years. $730.04 balance in PayPal. Total funds in the treasury: $16,147.74.

    AASL Region I Report: Pam (not in attendance) and Shelley.  Shelley gave an update on actions at the AASL Affiliate Assembly. Concerns were consolidated by topic. There will be an update from the AASL president at midwinter in January. Shelley shared the AASL Leadership Summit Handbook; Allison Cline did the section on membership.

    AECT Report:  Charlie did not send a report.

    State Reports:  Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire

    President’s Report:

    Old Business (Discussion Items)

    1. Irene sent out NESLA’s End of Year report to board members, which included the new mission statement and a summary of the results of the survey given to our members. Thank you, Carol and Michelle, for your work on the survey.  

    2. Some board members tried to link into the archives of Habits of the Mind webinars; they could not find the links and were unable to watch the webinars.  Can there, will there be a follow up?

    New Business:

    1. Carol, Irene, and I spent a day discussing the survey results and creating a feasible goal for NESLA in 2015-16. We will present our ideas in sections, beginning with the status on our members’ recommendations found in the survey: (Carol, Irene, and I) 

    Collaborative conference resources, internal tablet for planning, what do associations need, NESLA celebration??  What do members want?  Communication, connect, collaboration.  Trying not to repeat what state organizations are doing.  Trying to help.  

    2. Keeping in mind the recommendations, establish a network of communication people: one in each state, who is responsible for keeping NESLA updated on their state’s important events throughout the year. Provide NESLA funding to the two communication directors, who will organize all of the materials.  Irene and tentatively Michelle will be the two directors for this year.(Discuss) 

    3. NESLA’s goal for 2015-16 begins with preliminary planning on a 

    project that will begin in the fall of 2016.  

    Collaborative Conferencing involves states creating videos on their conferences, highlighting keynote speakers and sessions.  These videos will be archived on the NESLA website for members to view.  Some of the work that needs to be done this year is to create a template for the video and find out if vendors might be interested in sponsoring the videos, if their products were included in the videos.

    One idea from the executive transitional committee’s meetings was to look at the infrastructure of the board: how do we have consistent, responsible liaisons to the NESLA board? 

                 Broader about the format - Twitter, Prezi, Instagram, etc.  We need to share more.

    4. One idea from the executive transitional committee’s meetings was to look at the infrastructure of the board: how do we have consistent, responsible liaisons to the NESLA board?


    5.  Plan a reception for New England school librarians during ALA’s National Conference in Boston this coming January.  Discuss.

    6. Plan a New NESLA Summit in the spring.  Invite state boards to come without charge for a two day conference focusing on Collaborative Conferencing, the very successful legislation work done in Massachusetts and Vermont, the results of the survey, and other special highlights that states could present.   Discuss

    7. Wild Apricot is NESLA’s official website; it is a valuable tool that everyone should be using and sharing with other library media specialists.  Irene will share her experience with Wild Apricot by giving us an overview of the site. 

    ListServ on the Wild Apricot sites


    4 people have admin rights to the NESLA site

        8. NESLA will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018. We are looking for any material on past NESLA conferences and workshops.  Please let one of the officers know if you have any information.  

    Carolyn, Carol, Doug???  Sue Ballard?  How to involve state organizations.

        9. Carol will lead a  presentation that will lead us into our work for this year.

    What is the goal?

    What is the action we are going to take?

    Who is going to do it?

    When will we see something happening?

    How is it going to happen?  Funding, resources, materials?

    Consult: Carole (creating leaders, mentoring, looking for “young” librarians), Julie, Carolyn, Amy

    Communicate: Irene (website, membership, sharing), Merlyn, Kathy

    Connecting: Mary Ellen (summit, states share initiatives), Meredith

    Collaborate: Judy (conference sharing, states sharing), Anna

    Groups met for about 20 minutes, took notes to fill in chart, and then we all discussed.

    Link to Carol’s presentation and completed chart


    Communication as a priority

    Collaborating very close and similar to communication



    Carole spoke a bit about the Constitution and governing board.

    Break for lunch at 12:13 

    Reconvened at 12:48

    Set meetings:

    November 17th 5:00 - 6:00 Virtual

    February 9th 5:00 - 6:00 Virtual

    May 21st 10:00 - 2:00 Sanburn High School in Kingston, NH

    Adjourn at 2:13 

    Mary Ellen made a motion

    Carol seconded


  • 19 May 2015 1:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Executive Summary

    NESLA Board Meeting 5/9/15

    1:30 - 5 p.m.

    Forbes Library, Northampton MA

    1:30-2:15 Awards Luncheon - Awards were presented to Carolyn Markuson, Michelle Luhtala and Mary Ellen Minichiello. Judi Paradis was unable to attend but Amy Short read her thank you speech to the board for the honor of the Elizabeth T. Fast Award and induction into the Hall of Fame. Awards were mailed to Judi Paradis and Ann Perham, who was also unable to attend.

    Board Meeting:

    Attendance: Susan Ballard, Carol Gordon, Irene Kwidzinski, Michelle Luhtala, Doug Maitland, Duncan Maitland, Carolyn Markuson, Merlyn Miller, Mary Ellen Minichiello, Amy Short, Shelley Stedman, Carol Sweny, Fran Zilonis 

    Call to Order:  2:27

    2:15 - 3:00  Consent Items

    Approval of Minutes 

    1. February 4th minutes - accept with editing suggestions

    Treasurers Report: Merlyn - motion Michelle, 2nd Amy

    AASL Region I: Michelle & Shelley

    Shelley, our regional representative at Affiliate Assembly, reminded everyone that concerns and commendations due to her by May 15.  

    Share concerns and possibly combine those on the same issue

    Amy Short shared the MSLA concern on Common Core Testing and the Impact on School Libraries. School libraries are losing instructional time because the online format testing, extra time for testing and makeup testing takes place in the library. Collaborative projects shared online are also negatively impacted. MSLA would like AASL to develop a position paper expressing concern about the impact of standardized testing for the Common Core on access to school libraries and technology. Michelle noted that there is a rally on this in Hartford next week. Michelle also noted that this will be a long-standing concern that will impact the economic and digital divide. Carolyn related anecdotes about testing disruption. Michelle related that her juniors have lost 7 instructional days and her instruction on the research process has been seriously delayed. Carol believes that teachers could be powerful allies for this concern and that we seek support outside of our library circle. The suggestion was made that we ask AASL to seek endorsements from our instructional partners, ex. NEA, PTO. 

    Shelley presented CASL’s concern that school library positions are going unfilled without dynamic, qualified, certified candidates for the available positions. CASL would like AASL to develop a media recruitment campaign to identify and encourage appropriate candidates. This would include advocacy packets for teachers to become school librarians. This should include skills, interest inventory and highlight some exemplary practitioners. They would like the areas of the web site dedicated to school librarian recruitment to be updated and contain working links. 

    NESLA was included on both concerns to show these were concerns throughout the region. Shelley cited NESLA’s new “Become a School Librarian!” page on our website as action taken in the region. The NESLA recruitment page has links to state association pages with school library career information. 

    Commendations submitted by each state

    MSLA will submit a commendation for the Wondermore program.

    CASL will re-submit the 3 commendations from last year: Iconn, Nutmeg Award, and CLC.

    AECT Report:  Charlie

    AECT will have their annual conference in Indianapolis Nov. 3-7, 2015. Their Summer International Research Symposium is in Shanghai June 17-19, 2015.

    State Reports: 




    New Hampshire 

    Rhode Island


    Presidents Report: 

    Election - Irene congratulated the newly elected officers. The transition of officers will begin September 1. Mary Ellen will develop the September agenda.

    We will renew our Wild Apricot subscription by prepaying our subscription for two years saving $162. By becoming a multi-chapter subscriber, each affiliate receives an additional 5% discount. 

    3:00 - 5:00  Old Business (Discussion Items)


    Re-Imagining NESLA

    PowerPoint Presentation: Carol and members of the Transition Committee elaborated on the highlights of the committee report and their 7 recommendations.

    Discussion of survey responses

    Discussion of the Database of NE School Library Associations (p17-27 in the Transition Report)

    Report and Recommendations of the Transition Committee

    Recommendation 1: Revise the proposed mission statement. 

    Recommendation 2: NESLA develop and execute a well-communicated strategic plan that includes outreach and communication initiatives that reflect, clarify and publicize its mission and goals.

    Recommendation 3: NESLA partner with state associations to support them in delivering services requested by their members and use the survey to guide planning, including prioritizing, designing and implementing events and services.

    Recommendation 4:  NESLA use the evidence provided by the survey to set priorities for the goals in their strategic plan. Since comments from respondents to this section of the survey indicate that all items on the list of possible services were helpful, the list could be useful for future planning when goals have been met and priorities change. 

    Recommendation 5: NESLA use the data from the NESLA survey to co-ordinate and co-plan events with the state associations using two-year plans to establish a regional calendar of events.

    Recommendation 6: NESLA reach out to state associations and AASL to collaborate with national education and technology associations, legislators, vendors, researchers, and experts in leadership, public relations, intellectual freedom, curriculum, professional evaluation, and other areas of interest to their members.

    Recommendation 7: NESLA create a template for the information needed in the database and use the template to complete the collection of information found in Appendix A of this report. A task force could create the database, update it annually, share it with the state associations, and promote its use as a tool for planning NESLA’s communication and collaboration initiatives.

    d. Habits of Mind Initiative webinars will begin May 13.


    We have to build a NESLA reputation and be recognized for our good work. Build a brand. Tag everything we do.

    need to look at a two year window

    it is a sea change!

    our currency is expertise

    B. Timetable for recommendations

    disseminate report

    provide for feedback on our website in the forum tab & Facebook

    participate in Habit of Mind initiative

    maintain NE school library associations database

    our work is to curate what is already done out there & distribute through our website

    begin in September

    C. What does NESLA need?

    leadership theme most productive option


    D. The board voted to continue the Transition Committee. 

    New Business:

    Future Meetings: Saturday, September 19, F2F, 10-2 p.m. in Dublin NH

    Adjourn:  5:08


  • 04 May 2015 4:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The votes are in!
    Thank you for participating in this year's election process. We had the highest involvement---48%! We truly appreciate your strong support and encouragement.

    Our new officers will begin their term on September 1:

    President - Mary Ellen Minichiello 
    President-elect - Carol Gordon
    Treasurer - Merlyn Miller
    Secretary - Julie Williams

    Congratulations to our new officers!

  • 20 Apr 2015 5:48 PM | Anonymous member

    NESLA Board Meeting Executive Summary

    February 4, 2015

    Virtual Meeting


    Attendance: Irene Kwidzinski, Jamie Greene, Joyce Lucas, Linda McSweeney, Merlyn Miller, Judi Paradis, Gerri Fegan, Carol Sweny, Jennifer Reed, Charlie White, Carol Gordon, Shelley Stedman, Mary Ellen Minichiello

    Call to Order: 6:05

    Treasurer’s Report: Merlyn Miller

    Our current bank total is $16,712.44 and our current PayPal account total is $179.65 making our total balance as of February 4, 2015 — $16,892.09.

    The number of Paypal membership transactions since we began using Paypal last May totals 20 in 2014 and 5 so far in 2015.

    Beginning balance August 2014……….$16,920.84

    The Board discussed the need to consider finances as we undergo a transition in our mission.  We are currently dependent solely on membership dues for income, which will not be sufficient to maintain our current level of spending over time.

    AASL Region I:  Members who attended the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Chicago January 29-February 2 gave an overview of the work done by the AASL Affiliate Assembly.  

    Merlyn reported on the work done Saturday by the Coordinating Team and the afternoon session run by Ken Stewart.  On Sunday we heard from AASL candidates and lots of committee updates, and there was a caucus time.  AASL Executive Director Sylvia Norton acknowledged the commendations and concerns submitted by Affiliate Assembly members in June 2104.  The idea of providing virtual national meetings is not going to be possible.  The lack of wifi was very frustrating, and prevented us from sharing information both within the meeting and with our members and other supporters not present.  Jennifer expressed great excitement about the RebelMouse platform that is going to be used to aggregate social media being shared about the AASL conference 2015 in Columbus.  You can see this here:

    Shelley reported that concern 13 and 14 were those not approved and involved communication issues.  

    Irene asked that those who were present at ALA Midwinter collaborate on some information to post to the Facebook page.

    AECT Report:  Details about the upcoming AECT conference can be found here  NESLA was asked to present, but we are not sure we are ready for that this year.   It was suggested that the proposal offer to present at the Indianapolis conference in November might be an opportunity to highlight our restructuring of the affiliate to other leadership affiliates of Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

    State Reports were received as follows:




    New Hampshire

    Rhode Island


    New Business


    We received 6 nominations for awards.  

    Elizabeth Fast:  Judi Paradis

    Hallisey Award:  Carolyn Markusson

    Hall of Fame:  Ann Perham, Mary Ellen Minichiello, Michelle Luhtala, Judi Paradis

    Irene recommended that we all approve these unanimously.  


    Nominations for Election

    Irene asked for nominations for President-Elect and Secretary.  There is not a candidate for either position at this time, and we have a month to find candidates to fill these slots for April 1.  

    Re-Imagining NESLA

    Irene extended thanks to Carol Gordon and Michelle Luhtala for their hard work creating a survey that will be used to poll NESLA and state organization members to help focus the work and mission of NESLA.  

    Carol Gordon asked for input on the survey and explained some of the thinking that went into its design.  Board members suggested several suggestions to ensure appropriate organizations and individuals filled out the survey and that the information gathered would be helpful in guiding our work going forward.

    Carol Gordon stated her belief that this survey will be useful both in helping us craft ideas for planning for NESLA as an organization, as well as generating some data that states may find useful.  She thought this could be interesting to share at state library conferences and suggested sharing a presentation throughout the region.  

    Our goal is to have the survey ready to go out March 1.  We discussed ways to ensure it would be widely circulated to ensure a good response.


    • Status as of 1/28/15

      • 94 members (CT 12; ME 6; MA 18; NH 14; RI 1; VT 35; Honorary 3; Lifetime 7; Retired 2; Student 0)

      • Bulletins sent to members in December and January

    Irene pointed out that membership is up.  Irene also stated that until our “re-imagining” is complete, it will be difficult to think about how to promote ourselves in a way to get new members.

    Irene asked board members to be think about the following for our May face-to-face meeting:

    • membership models

    • strategies for financing NESLA projects

    • implementing changes outlined in our new mission statement

    Next board meeting:   May 9 @ 10 - 2 (F2F) site TBA

  • 11 Dec 2014 7:36 PM | Anonymous member

    NESLA Executive Summary November 20, 2014
    Virtual Conference Call

    Attendance: Chris Barlow, Gerri Fegan, Carol Gordon, Jamie Greene, Irene Kwidzinski, Joyce Lucas, Michelle Luhtala, Merlyn Miller, Mary Ellen Minichiello, Judi Paradis, Amy Short,  Charlie White

    Call to Order:  5:08

    Consent Items

    Approval of Minutes 

    September 27 minutes - accept with editing suggestions; approved

    November 2 minutes accepted as presented

    Treasurer’s Report: Merlyn

    AECT Report:  The annual conference was held in Jacksonville November 4-8, 2014 with international attendees from 39 countries. Affiliate organization membership agreements were signed with Hong Kong, Nigeria and Japan. In 2015, shanghai LKAOE East China Normal University will host a research educational symposium June 17-19, 2015 ( with the call for papers and proposals online now. Future research symposiums are now being planned for Bali in 2016 and Hong Kong in 2017. The next convention will be November 3-7, 2015 in Indianapolis. A call for program proposals will be up online December 1, 2014. A new membership program incentive will be announced shortly allowing for a free hotel lodging, airfare, and registration in Indianapolis if a member is credited for signing up 5 new members this year. 

    State Reports:.




    New Hampshire 

    Rhode Island


    Old Business (Discussion Items)

    Nov. 2nd Retreat – Irene offered a thank you for the hard work by the focus group, to Gerri for hosting and to Judi for her detailed minutes.

    New Mission Statement Final Consensus:

     Unanimously accepted

    Discussion on the motion:

    At our Nov. 2 meeting, we came to consensus that we wanted to be a place where state organizations could consult with one another and where school library leaders could be developed.   

    While this has been accepted by the board, we will need the membership to accept this new mission during our spring elections.

    We will create a survey to poll members about their ideas surrounding our new mission

    NESLA members attending the ALA Midwinter meeting in Chicago will meet to work on the survey and suggest possible action plans that could stem from our new mission

    Membership:   Membership will be addressed at the May 9th meeting.  

    As of 11/15/14 NESLA has 144 members (CT 16; ME 10; MA 47; NH 21; RI 3; VT 43; Honorary 3; Lifetime 5; Retired 3; Student 1)

    Renewal notices went out, 

    Irene reminded us that awards season is coming up.  She offered to publicize the awards and urged board members to nominate people by the Feb. 1 deadline.

    New Business:

    Conference Funding:   We approved a one-year increase in the stipend for conference attendance to $1000 per conference for the year through July 1, 2015 due to the 2015 location in San Francisco.

    Upcoming events:

    NESLA conference 2015 - as pre-conference or session at another state conference?

    CECA/CASL Fall 2015

    MSLA @ UMASS Amherst March 1-2, 2015

    NHSLMA  May 14-15, 2015 in Manchester

    SLRI@   April 10 2015

    VSLA @ ?  May 2015?

    NELLS- New England Library Leadership Symposium (postponed to a future date when we have less on our agenda for the year)

    Future meetings:   Feb. 4 @ 6 p.m. (virtual); May 9 @ 10 - 2 (F2F) site TBA

    Adjourned:  6:12 p.m.

  • 21 Nov 2014 6:53 AM | Anonymous member

    Executive Summary: NESLA Board Meeting, September 27, 2014

    Portsmouth Public Library NH

    Attendance: Susan Ballard, Peg Becksvoort, Helen Burns, Gerri Fegan, Carol Gordon, Irene Kwidzinski, Michelle Luhtala, Bob McLaughlin, Linda McSweeney, Merlyn Miller, Mary Ellen Minichello, Judi Paradis, Carol Sweny, Julie Williams

    Treasurer’s Report: NESLA is not meeting membership targets or conference income. We now have $17,055.08 in our budget. Memberships are up for renewal this month.

    Habits of Mind: Bob McLaughlin and Susan Ballard provided us with information about the Habits of Mind project in NH. This project works in conjunction with EBSCO databases. Bob explained that the project was developed to address the lack of awareness among educators of the resources available on the deep web, and there is an understanding that 
    educators do not always go to the research to get resources they can use to solve difficult problems in their practice. The Habits of Mind attempts to connect librarians and their resources (e.g., EBSCO databases with resources on best practices) to educators and show them how this makes an important impact on their ability to work with students and address  issues in their classrooms/schools. This project needs librarians to be trained to provide Habit of Mind support to educators.

    Lib Chat provides educators with the potential to access librarians and other educators either live or in an asynchronous manner. EBSCO is also willing to provide webinars as needed to train librarians on their resources. The librarians in this project would also be introduced to current test groups. This would serve as pilot to see what would work well as it goes up to scale. Those who participate would also get free access to EBSCO resources. The time commitment is up to the librarians participating. 
    VT and MA do not have EBSCO as state databases. We discussed how this program might be rolled out in non-EBSCO states. 

    Susan urged us to keep in mind that this initiative rolled out through AASL to NESLA and it is important for NESLA to stay involved in the regional development of Habits of Mind. Susan also noted that as our profession moves more toward virtual librarianship, this provides librarians with a means to sharpen those skills. Bob will set up webinars for LibChat and EBSCO databases (using a doodle poll) so that we can get training on these tools, and will provide us with the flyers that we asked about.

    Motion: Carol Sweny moved and Carol Gordon seconded that New England School Library Association will become a partner in the Habit of Mind project, and participate in a grant that Bob will write asking for funding from the Knight Foundation. Unanimously 

    AASL Affiliate Assembly: Regional officer selection was not clear at the Las Vegas ALA Affiliate Assembly meeting. Susan Ballard came to discuss this with us. She explained that AASL recently changed the leadership structure for AASL Affiliate Assembly. AASL recently adopted a leadership development committee. There are now two regional positions: Regional Director serves from each region to sit on the board of AASL and votes as a member of the board for AASL. Regional Representative serves to facilitate discussions at Affiliate Assembly and coordinates work for Region I and is viewed as a potential regional director. All positions are in ALA Connect on the AASL Affiliate Assembly page where a handbook is provided. We had a discussion about how to select the regional representative and whether NESLA could choose or fund the regional representative. Region I Director: Michelle Luhtala said the major work done at ALA was rewriting the mission statement for AASL. Irene noted that those of us attending conferences need to communicate what is happening back to NESLA. She also urged us to use NESLA listserv and Facebook pages to reach out to a regional audience. Helen Burns recommended using Wild Apricot to push out email to NESLA members. Several people can have access to Wild Apricot, which would enable all member states to use it to push out information from each member organization.

    State Reports:




    New Hampshire

    Rhode Island


    Mary Ellen Minichello reminded us about the CASL/CECA conference at Mohegan Sun in October with speaker from the MIT Innovation Lab 

    Membership: Irene is hoping for a serious focus on membership this year, and shared an article based on a book called The End of Membership As We Know It by Sarah Sladek. She said this book discusses a shift in how people view membership organizations and are looking for more value from their membership.

    Irene expressed disappointment that there is not more buy-in from state organizations. She reminded us that without buy-in from each state, it is going to be difficult for NESLA to keep going. Irene is hoping that we can get more buy-in this year and keep things going forward. This will require additional work from each state to keep this going.

    We held a lengthy discussion about possible ways to provide programs, increase income, and add value for our members. Carol Gordon talked about thinking carefully about how NESLA can add value by providing something that states cannot provide and librarians cannot access anywhere else. She recommended some sort of short retreat to discussing 
    building a plan for the next 2 years. We agreed to host a retreat later in the fall to do some planning and setting priorities about how to best use NESLA to work with our regional members.

    Irene is going to keep working on membership and will contact New Hampshire to get input about how to use Wild Apricot to help in this initiative 

    Awards: These are due on February 1 and urges states to consider nominations.

    Next meetings:

    • Retreat November 2

    • Virtual meeting Thu. Nov. 20 at 5:00 p.m.

    • Virtual meeting: Wed. Feb. 4 at 6:00 p.m.

    • May face to face meeting: Sat. May 9

    Adjourned: 1:55

    Respectfully submitted,

    Judi Paradis


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