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Leadership Conferences and Workshops

2018- Dancing with the Stars in School Librarianship: Celebrating NESLA's Centennial Year

2014 - Paige Jaeger & Melissa Stewart “Nonfiction Matters and the CCSS”

2013 - Leonard S. Marcus, Mary Newell DePalma & the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book

Art educators “Picture This! Using Your Visual Literacy Skills”

2012 - Patrick Larkin & Shannon McClintock Miller “The Un-Conference”

2012 - Workshop w/ Janet Allison, NEASC commission director “NEASC and You”

2011 - Nancy Dowd “Advocacy: Marketing Your School Library Program” and a panel of New

England SLYMPY award winners

2010 - David Loertscher, Ross Todd, Roger Nevins, Valerie Diggs, Rolf Erikson, Pam

Harland “Knowledge Learning Commons: The Future School Library”

2009 - Kathy Lowe & Susan Ballard “Implementing the New AASL Standards”

2008 - Dr. Henry Jenkins “Where Soulja Boy Meets Melville: What Remix Culture Can Tell Us

About the New Media Literacies”

2007 - Dr. Ross Todd & Dr. Carol Gordon “Re-Designing Knowledge Spaces: From

Information Literacy to Knowledge Outcomes”

2006 - Dr. Ross Todd  & Dr. Carol Gordon “Making School Libraries Part of School Reform”

2005 - Dr. Ross Todd & Debbie Abilock “School Library Odyssey 2005: Interconnectivity and


2004 - Ferdi Serim “A Very Bright Idea: From Vision to Practice”

2004 - workshop “Every Student Succeeds @your libraryTM : Strategic Marketing for School

Library Media Centers”

2003 - Dr. Gary Hartzell and Dr. Ross Todd “Perceptions---Reality---Change”

2001 - Wayne Free “2001: Technological Odyssey...Putting It All Together In Reality:

Integrating Standards, Instructional Practice & TEchnology to Impact Student


2000 - Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs “Information Literacy & Curriculum Mapping: Instructional

Strategies to Encourage Critical Thinking”

1999 - Dr. Ross Todd “Making the Connection: Information Literacy in Tomorrow’s Schools”

1998 - Kay Bland “Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning”

1997 - “Electronic Concepts as Teleconferencing and Virtual Meetings”

1996 - Leadership with a Theme: Information Fluency

1995 - Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson “Strap on Your Spurs: Technology & Change

Cowboy Style”

1994 - Russell Pieken “Library Media Specialists: Creators of the Vision”

1993 - Dr. Christie Vernon “Librarians in the Lions’ Den”

1992 - Dr. Michael Eisenberg “Research in School Library Media: What, Why, and How”

1990 - Dr. Doris Epler “Leadership Ideas for the Technology Age”

1989 - Dawn Heller & Ann Montgomery “Public Relations”

1988 - Carol Ann Haycock “ Implementing Information Power”

1987 - Jack Agati “Advocacy”

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